Visibility, support and software for web developers and designers

Network EQ have teamed up with Microsoft to provide a great offer for web developers and designers through the WebsiteSpark programme. WebsiteSpark gives web design or development companies three-year access to thousands of pounds worth of software and support for just $100, including licenses for Expression Studio 3, Expression Web 3, Visual Studio 2008 Professional, Windows Web Server and SQL Server 2008 Web Edition.

  • Thousands of pounds worth of Microsoft software licenses
  • Business opportunities, support and training from Microsoft
  • Free DotNetPanel WebsiteSpark edition
  • Great value, high performance virtual server hosting from Network EQ
  • From only £55 per month (plus $100 programme fee)*


Microsoft Offer

Once enrolled, you can download and immediately start using a huge bank of the latest software. You’ll get: 1 licence of Expression studio 3, 2 licences of Expression Web 3, 2 professional support incidents, 3 licences of Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, 4 processor licences of Windows Web Server 2008 R2 and 4 processor licences of SQL Server 2008 Web Edition. You also get a free DotNetPanel license. And if that wasn’t enough, your $100 also covers FREE online training and access to 170,000+ potential customers a month too.

Download the WebsiteSpark datasheet to find out more about the programme.


Hosting Offer

Network EQ have "topped-up" this offer with a special offer on a virtual server hosting package saving you £10 a month.

Virtual servers offer you almost all the benefits of having a full dedicated server, with full control and better performance than shared hosting, but without the high cost of a traditional dedicated server. Virtualisation allows a powerful physical server to be partitioned into separate virtual servers, each with guaranteed CPU resources, RAM and disk space, securely separated from the other virtual servers on the same hardware. We use Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition virtualisation software developed by Cambridge University and backed by commercial support from Citrix.

WebsiteSpark Virtual Server features

  • 2GB dedicated RAM
  • 4 Virtual CPU Cores
  • 60GB disk space
  • 300GB Bandwidth per month
  • £55 per month (regular price is £65)

Find out more about our virtual server packages.

Sign Up

To sign up please contact us or call 0333 3441270.

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*Terms and Conditions


An eligible Web design and development company must have the following characteristics at the time of joining:

  • A professional service firm whose primary business is providing Web development and design services for its clients, with
  • no more than 10 members (including owners and employees).
  • In addition: To be eligible to continue to participate in the Programme, the company must deploy a new public and Internet-accessible website developed using Programme software within 6 months from Programme enrollment, and report it and other new websites through the WebsiteSpark Portal.


Eligible Web development and design companies can participate in WebsiteSpark for up to 3 years. On the first and second anniversary of initial enrollment, they must update their enrollment (e.g. confirm they haven't gone public and their ownership hasn't changed).

Programme Fee

A USD $100 Programme Offering Fee is due when the Web development and design company exits the Programme. As part of Microsoft's commitment to small Web development and design service companies' long term success, there are no upfront costs for companies to join WebsiteSpark.