SSL Certificates

SSL web server certificates enable enterprises and small businesses to secure data and e-commerce transactions using strong 256-bit encryption. Using stringent checklists, we verify and authenticate the individual, group or company before issuing any full auth SSL certificate. We offer SSL certificates through our partners GlobalSign™, their full authenticated standards are of the highest offered, underpinning their reputation as a credible Certification Authority that end-users can trust for a secure online experience.

Secure Your Website Now

We offer GlobalSign™ SSL Web Server Certificates at a new lower price of £135 a year.

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An SSL certificate can be added to any of our hosting packages with a free dedicated IP address as required by SSL.

To add an SSL certificate to your existing site or to order without signing up for a hosting package, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist.

Customers purchasing an SSL certificate through Network EQ are able to display a GlobalSign Secure Site Seal graphic on their secure pages to assure their customers that they can trust transactions conducted through the site.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates

We also offer Extended Validation certificates which provide the highest level of assurance for your customers' web security.

EV Certificates require an independent audit to verify your business, giving customers additional peace of mind that your website is secure and that your identity is proven.

Your users will see a green address bar to verify that you are using an EV Certificate. A report by Tec-Ed concluded that 93% of test subjects recognised that a site with a green address bar provided a safer shopping experience than one without.

Extended Validation Green Address Bar

Our Extended Validation SSL Certificates are available for £395 per year. If you wish to purchase an EV Certificate please contact us. Vertification can take up to several weeks and is conducted by our partners GlobalSign™.