Complex Hosting Solutions

Using our experience in hosting high-performance websites, we can design and build completely custom solutions that include any of the following features:

  • Multiple Citrix XenServer virtual servers, dedicated servers, or a mixture of both
  • Custom firewall and routing requirements
  • Network load balancing
  • Private networks
  • Off-site backups and data retention
  • Linux and Microsoft-based solutions
  • Multi-site redundancy
  • Disaster recovery solutions
  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • Web filtering and WAN acceleration
  • LAMP and Microsoft IIS configuration and optimisation

Our staff have a wide range of experience and accreditation working with vendors including F5, Nokia, Check Point, Cisco, Juniper and Microsoft.

Customers with more advanced requirements, high-traffic websites or data intensive applications may benefit from services such as those highlighted below. We pride ourselves on our advanced network and customer solutions; so for any requirements not covered by the packages mentioned on the site please do get in touch.

Netscaler VPX

One of the most cost effective methods of handling the increasing demands of a successful high traffic website is to scale out. Our virtual servers provide a great way of separating out application and database servers, often for much less than the cost of a dedicated server, with the added benefits of an optimised environment for each. When scaling out the web tier our Citrix Netscaler options provide customers an effective upgrade path when taking the leap from a single to multiple hosts. Click here for more information.


For extreme database-driven applications that are IO-bound, we can help customers achieve amazing performance gains whilst reducing their carbon footprint by integrating Fusion-IO’s SSD technology into our dedicated server line-up. See Fusion-IO’s Green Paper for further information, or email us for details.

Please get in touch for further information on any of the above products and services and we will happily work with you to deliver a system tailored to your exact needs.