Network Equipment

Blade Servers and Network Equipment

Network EQ refuse to compromise on our equipment. All our providers are carefully selected based on their equipment and proven uptime and performance.

Network EQ Hosting Facility

Our network uses only HP servers, with Juniper network equipment, to ensure the maximum possible uptime. HP's BladeSystem architecture gives our servers superb performance, management and connectivity features, and makes it simple for us to add more servers at any time.

All our servers feature HP RAID arrays using SAS or SCSI drives, and our BL480c XenServer VPS hosts use RAID 10 arrays with HP P400 controllers, giving exceptional disk performance. We have also switched to using low-power Intel Xeon CPUs and low power RAM on our new blades to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Our XenServer VPS platform is so powerful that we have successfully migrated many customers away from dedicated servers with other providers, giving them higher performance, better connectivity and reliability in a premium London location for less than they were paying for US-based hosting before.

We continually invest in new infrastructure to keep our business at the cutting edge of the industry, moving front-end hosting equipment to easier back-end roles as appropriate to ensure that even existing customers always get the best performance.

In Q4 2008 we spent over £20,000 on a new NetApp storage area network and numerous server and software upgrades. In 2009 we have continuing upgrades planned for disaster recovery, security and more.