Network Connectivity

Just as with our equipment, we use only the highest-possible quality network connectivity. Unlike many web hosting providers, all our main equipment is situated in London's Docklands, the core of the UK's internet. Many providers take advantage of lower prices by locating their servers in the USA, but this leads to higher latency for UK users.

We run our own network, using redundant Juniper switches and firewalls, connected to our upstream provider's highly resilient core network using Juniper M/MX-series routers and EX-series core switches in Telstra Europe's London Hosting Centre, with multiple transit providers on gigabit links. Transit includes Tiscali, Telia, NTT/Verio, Interoute, Cogent, as well as LINX and AMS-IX peering.

All customers benefit from Juniper SRX firewall protection as standard.

We maintain a secondary network location for backup purposes in Maidenhead, UK and we also use servers in Global Crossing, Munich, on an entirely separate network to ensure that if our primary network is down for any reason then critical services such as DNS are still available.

Just like our servers, we monitor our network 24/7 to ensure we are aware of any problems and can act to resolve them, often before services are seriously affected. This pro-active monitoring is one of the key ways we keep our network running and your data moving without downtime, 24/7. Any network upgrades or other planned downtime will be minimal, due to the scalable design of our network, and are always performed out of hours and notified in advance wherever possible.