Service Level Agreement

Our virtual and dedicated servers come with a 99.9% SLA, excluding scheduled maintenance which will be notified at least one week in advance wherever possible. In the case of emergency maintenance (for example a security update is required to our network equipment) then this amount of notice may not be possible.

This is measured based on the availability of your virtual or dedicated server in each calendar month. In the case of unmanaged servers the availability will not be monitored by us so it will be based on support ticket responses only. Customers with managed servers will have the availability monitored and reported by us using data from an independent third party.

In the case of unmanaged servers it will not apply to events such as operating system updates requiring reboots or configuration issues.

For each hour or part hour below the required SLA time, we will credit you with six hours of service for every hour or part hour of downtime, up to 100% of the fees paid for that month’s service.

Severity Level Definitions

High: Loss of mission-critical functionality


  • Network or hardware failure causing complete loss of service
  • Service failure resulting in an inability to serve content or send and receive email affecting multiple users

Medium: Issues that are impairing mission-critical functionality, but do not result in a total loss of service


  • Performance issues
  • Loss of redundancy
  • Security issues that place mission-critical functionality at risk
  • High severity issues with a workaround in place

Low: No impact to mission-critical functionality


  • Firewall rule changes
  • Server configuration changes
  • Provisioning of new services
  • Information requests

For more details on our SLA or to enquire about pricing for higher levels of availability please contact us.