Partner Programme

Network EQ are always on the lookout for new partners to build web solutions with us.

We can work with you either on a referral or white-label basis, so you can either earn commission for selling Network EQ hosting for your customers’ web sites or market your own hosting brand using Network EQ’s technology, engineering and support as the “invisible” back-end whilst you retain the relationship with your client, and have the freedom to market the service as you desire.

If you are in a position to resell our services or recommend us to clients then we have two partner options available. Please contact us if you would like to apply or find out more information.


Resellers buy a package from us (e.g. a reseller cPanel account or a virtual private server) and then resell this space to their clients.


  • You can make your own packages to resell to your customers at a price you choose.
  • You can maintain your relationship with your customer.
  • You can white label our services (certain products only).


  • We will not support your customers, all support queries must come from you.
  • You must bill your individual customers.
  • You must provide first line support to your customers.


Affiliates refer customers to us, we then manage the relationship and pay the referring affiliate a commission.


  • We support your customers directly.
  • We handle billing of the your customers.


  • The commission you receive is a fixed percentage.
  • We deal directly with your customer.